IsolFlex System

IsolFlex system is developed on the basis of elastomeric foam sheets, produced by KAIMANN Germany. 

IsolFlex system is pre-finished product for easy and quick installation on pipes with diameters from Ø60 to Ø500, 600 and larger.

The system includes: pre-cut sheet under  45 degrees angle, three self-adhesive tapes for easy and quick installation, and nitrile tape with 3 mm thickness and 5 cm width for extra covering of splice edges to prevent moisture penetration. 

The IsolFlex system is offered with IsogenoTEC or IsogenoPAK foil depending on its application – outdoor or indoor use. 

Scope of application:                                   

  • Industrial refrigeration equipment;
  • Air-conditioning equipment;
  • HVAC systems;
  • System of cold and hot water supply;

Advantages of Isolflex system:

  • Easy and quick installation;
  • The use of glue is limited to cross splice edges.  
  • High water vapor diffusion resistance;
  • Precise factory pre- cut segments; 
  • No solvents, which allows to work in explosive environments
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