Lamella mat IsolLam

IsolLam is own brand mark of Chemical products Ltd. It is applied for thermo and sound insulation of air ducts, tanks and pipes with diameter greater than 350 mm and operating temperature of the installations up to +250 ° C. 

The lamella mat is made from mineral stone wool with density 40, 50, 60 and 80 kg/m3. The general orientation of the fibres is perpendicular to the major surfaces. It is faced with ALU foil or kraft paper. A chemically neutral product with no corrosive effect on metals. It has high dimensional stability. The length of the mat is determined on the basis of the pipe’s diameter, insulation thickness and customer requirements. The insulation is protected with aluminum or galvanized steel, with a trilayer ISOGENOTEC with UV protection for outdoor installation. The product features with easy installation and cutting. No deformations occur when attaching it with wire onto tubes due to fibers perpendicular orientation to the wool length. It is fire resistant, non-flammable product.

Scope of application: installations with operating temperature up to + 250 °С, outside and inside pipelines, ventilation air ducts, furnaces and tanks.

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