Building insulation

Thermo and sound insulation for underground parking lots and basement ceilings

ISOl Plate

ISOLPLATE with overlapping ends is the new insulation solution for ceilings of indoor parking lots, garages and basements. Soft or rigid mineral wool boards faced with glass veil with overlapping ends of two adjacent sides. 

New solution advantages:

  • Insulation (sealing) of the gaps between separate boards;
  • Finished outlook of underground premises with further application of disperse dyes.


Standard solution of the same brand offers soft, semi-rigid and rigid slabs of mineral wool without facing or faced with glass veil (white or black), aluminum foil or Kraft paper. The standard solution is designed for acoustic and thermal insulation of ventilation ducts, buildings and industrial process equipment.

Roof drainage solutions

ISOl Slope

Chemical products Ltd. designs and produces two-dimensional, three-dimensional mineral stone wool roof wedges and pitch boards with high density and compressive strength for individual solutions.  

The advantages of the brand ISOLSLOPE are:
  • Ensure effective drainage of flat roofs;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Extend the life of the waterproof membrane.


The roof wedges for thermo and sound insulation and fire protection of flat concrete roofs or profiled steel structures. This product achieves the desired slope of the roof. The maximum slope is 7 cm / 1 m (7%). 

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