Fire Protection

Since 2010 Chemical products Ltd. has specialized also in the production of insulation solutions for fire protection. The company offers:

ISOLLSTOP FIRE 60 System is an insulation system for air-ducts, offered in two variations:  

  • fire protection of circle horizontal air-ducts for minimum of 90 minutes and circle vertical air-ducts with fire-resistance of minimum 60 minutes. It is one-layer insulation of lamella mat faced with aluminum foil with density 60 kg/m3, thickness 40 mm and fixing elements.
  • Fire protection of rectangular horizontal and vertical air-ducts with fire resistance of minimum 45 minutes. It is one-layer insulation of mineral stone wool boards faced with aluminum foil with density 80 kg/m3, thickness 40 mm with aluminum foil and fixing elements. 

ISOL ROPE is insulation rope made from mineral stone wool with density 150-200 kg/m3, Ø 40 – 100 mm. The product is used for fire protection of expansion joints. It is produced by Chemical Products Ltd.

CONLIT DUCT ROCK-  specially impregnated mineral stone wool rigid board. It provides fire protection of bearing steel structures (columns, beams, supporting constructions), concrete ceilings, steel air-ducts and flues from 30 to 150 min.

BASF – fire protection of:

  • KBS Coating is a water-based, ablative fire protective coating consisting of thermoplastic resins, inorganic pigments, fillers and chemical additives that are flame retardants. It is especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and for penetration seals.
  • KBS Foamcoat is white water-based intumescent sealant of thermoplastic resins, flame retardant chemicals, fillers and pigments used in dry indoor premises. This sealant is strongly flame resistant.  
  • The KBS Panel Seal is a cable penetration seal for ceilings, walls and floors consisting of non-combustible mineral fibre boards combined with ablative products (ABL) or – alternatively – with intumescent products (INT).
  • KBS Fir-A-Flex 501 reliably seals and fire protects expansion joints.
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