Insulation of tanks

For warm fluids

ISOLLAM is a solution for thermo and sound insulation of  air ducts, tanks and pipelines with diameter greater than 350 mm and operating temperature of the installations up to +250 ° C. Separate mineral wool lamellas are glued perpendicularly on aluminum foil or Kraft paper. The length of the mat is determined on the basis of the pipe’s diameter, insulation thickness and customer requirements.The insulation is faced with aluminum or galvanized steel, with a trilayer ISOGENOTEC with UV protection for outdoor installation.

WIREDMAT is a perfect thermo-, sound and fire insulator of industrial equipment, pipes and installations. Inorganic product made from basalt mineral fibers stitched on galvanized wired mesh. It is offered with additional one-side facing of aluminum foil. The advantage of this solution is the extremely easy installation.


For cold fluids

ISOLPLATE PUR  is an excellent thermo and cold insulation made from rigid polyurethane foam, with exclusively low percent of thermal conductivity λ < 0,024 W/mK. It is characterized with low density and guaranteed quality and origin of the boards used for cutting the products.

Three block types are used according to operational temperature of the insulation:

  • Normal PUR (norm. PUR) from - 40 °С to +120 °С
  • High temperature PIR (HT PIR) from - 40 °С to +200 °С
  • cryogenic PUR (Cr. PUR) from - 200 °С to +120 °С
Due to the strong water vapour diffusion of polyurethane foam, pipe sections should be always protected with water vapour diffusion resistant membrane: for indoor installation is used ISOGENOPAC foil, for outdoor installation we offer ISOGENOTEC foil.


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"Chemical products" Ltd. is a solution made of nitrile rubber with high water vapor diffusion resistance. This advantage is used for cold insulation of air conditioning. 

Its application guarantees that moisture does not reach the cold pipe and does not cause any condensation. More about KAIMANN.

Scope of application: for insulation range from - 40 to +105 ° C.

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